3/4 Inch Lime Rock



Lime Rock

It is the largest produced crushed stone in the world. In fact about three-quarters of the crushed stone produced is limestone and dolomite. Lime Rock is a sedimentary rock composed mostly of the mineral calcite. Limestone is a basic ingredient of the building industry use as aggregate in Concrete and Concrete Block, also used to make Cement and Lime.

Because of its Angular shape Crushed it is also perfect Road Construction, used as Rip Rap, Railroad Ballast, Filter Stone, French Drains, and Asphalt.

Crushed Lime Rock is add to acidic soil to correct PH Problems it is even feed to chickens to provide calcium.

Crushed Limestone is used is pavers and as a paver base material. Larger boulders are also used in landscaping to build Garden Walls, accent Boulders, Bank and Shore Lining for decorative erosion control.


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